History of Chateau Des Senechaux

The Chateau belonged to Arche de Bourdeille and his wife Jacquette de Montbray (whose bronzes are mounted on the doors of the Chateau). Arche was the chronicler Brantome's brother. He was born in 1519 and died in 1582. As he was the senechal (governor) of the Perigord it explains the name of the chateau (chateau des Seneschaux). This is the story of the Bourdeille's origins.

Brantome (Pierre de Bourdeille, brother of Arche) was very proud of his noble lineage. According to him Charlemagne would have had among his paladins an Angelin de Bourdeille who died in Roncevaux. In reality, he used a XV century Italian writer, Luigi Pulci's, book of knights and transformed Angelin di Bordea to Angelin de Bourdeille with no scruples.

Another paladin amongst his ancestors was Yvon or Aymon de Bourdeille, of whom traces were found in the family archives in the chateau.

Around the year 127 Marcomir, king of the Francs married Tiloa Bordelia daughter of the king of England. They had 7 sons of whom Nicanor the last but one was founder of the dynasty. He was a mythical hero of the Aquitaine region which was under Roman occupation. A tempest dispersed his fleet and threw him up on an island populated with griffins. Nicanor managed to cut off the heads of the biggest griffins - from this came the Bourdeille emblem. When in the courtyard of the medieval fortress, on your right, there is a little door and upon it on the outside there is the emblem with the two griffin claws.

Another legend states that Brantome's crusader ancestors brought back from the Holy Land the substance used to make the Saint-Chveme from the Vassaux baptism. This substance would have been extracted from the ear of the dragon killed by their bands.


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