The Local Area

A view of the Chateau and village from the Tower of Chateau De Bourdeilles


History begins with earliest man who established himself in the Vezere valley around Les Eyzies and where today you can visit the best examples in the world of prehistoric cave painting and artefacts. The middle ages saw this region under English rule and as centre-stage for the hundred years war 1337-1453 fought between the English and French for control of this part of France. The legacy that survives is a wonderful collection of fortified castles perched on hilltops such as Beynac and Castelnau, which watch over each other across the valley to this day. There is a marvellous circuit of fortified 'Bastide' towns with arched squares - Montpezat being one of the finest. The traditional architecture of Perigord is a constant delight: Honey-coloured stone, mellow-tiled roofs, some still with the traditional stone 'Lauze' tiles and on the grander buildings many 'Pigeonniers' - Pigeon Towers Turrets.

Water Mill from Chateau De Bourdeilles.


The climate is delightful, with Spring arriving early in March and nature treats you to a wonderful array of blossom and fresh pastel colours. The Summers are generally long and can be very hot. My favourite seasons are April, May and June when the days can be surprisingly hot and, perhaps even more, September and October when there are misty early mornings that clear to wonderful crisp sunny days with spectacular golden colours, days showing this mellow part of France to its fullest advantage.



Mid July and August: Drama and Music Festival at Sarlat. Mid July: International Folklore Festival at Montignal. A Medieval Festival, Elanor of Aquitanne at Brantome in July . Open air concerts at Chateaux throughout the season advertised locally. 1st week in August Festival in Bourdeilles


Next door to us Entrance to Chateau De Bourdilles.

Market Day


Monday - TOCANE 8 Miles

Tuesday - LISLE 5 Miles

Wednesday - PERIGUEUX 14 Miles

Thursday - ST ASTIER 18 Miles

Friday - BRANTOME 6 Miles - RIBERAC 16 Miles

Saturday - PERIGUEUX



A restaurant clings to the narrow bridge, tables are set out on the terrace on warm summer nights the setting is romantic and perfect for enjoying wonderful Perigord specialities. View of the Bridge and Renaissance Place at Bourdeilles from the river, Being a rich agricultural area on the edge of the world's most famous vineyards, Perigord has also established a reputation for being one of the cradles of French Gastronomy. Here you will find some of the richest and best Pates, sometimes with Truffles, the famous 'Confit' (meat cooked in its own fat usually Goose or Duck) Foie Gras, Game in season, marvellous Mushrooms notably 'Cepes', Walnuts and all manner of Fruit; Cherries, Plums, Peaches, Pears, Apricots etc. Small Family Restaurants and famous ones, nearly all give excellent value for money. There are no local 'Dordogne' wines, but the best regional ones come from around Bergerac or Cahors. The local sweet dessert wine is from Monbazillac, south of Bergerac. The Bordeaux vineyards are within an afternoons visit. There are also local 'Eaux de Vie' made from Walnuts, Hazel-nuts and Plums, Grappa.


The River is clean and pleasant and Canoeing from Brantome to Bourdeilles is a must just ask at the LE DONJON in the square. A public Swimming Pool and Tennis Courts are 5 minutes walk away in the village. It is an excellent region for walking with footpaths through the woodland. Riding is available and the river is popular with Fishermen. If you want to watch leisurely sport, choose a cafe and observe the locals at 'Boules' in the village square.


Canoeing down the river - a must.
Water Mill just down from the Lodge.




Half Days: Bergerac and Vineyards e.g. Monbazillac, Circuit Des Bastides, Perigueux, Hautefort, Vezere Valley, Caves at Les Eyzies. Whole Days: Bordeaux and Vineyards, Lot Valley and Cahors Upper Dordogne Valley e.g. Castelnau, Argentat, Rocamadour, Gouffre de Padiral, Domme. The Remy Martin and Hennessy distillery at Cognac.


Perigueux Cathedral


BRANTOME - This picturesque town lying in the valley of the Dronne,known as the Venice of the Dordogne, is famous for its old Abbey, Caves and Museum. There is also a superb market on Fridays - not to be missed.

PERIGUEUX - This ancient town with urban architecture and white domed Cathedral. Well known for its gastronomic specialities, truffle and foie gras, famous throughout the world. To sum up the Dordogne - it is breathtaking in every sense of the word. You must not miss this opportunity to stay in this beautiful CHATEAU or ROMANTIC FISHERMAN'S LODGE for your summer holiday.

A view of the Château Des Sénéchaux from the Castle wall